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Dermal Cell News 2.16 May 2, 2016
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An Oncogenic Ezh2 Mutation Induces Tumors through Global Redistribution of Histone 3 Lysine 27 Trimethylation
Scientists described a mouse model in which the most common somatic Ezh2 gain-of-function mutation is conditionally expressed. Expression of Ezh2Y641F in mouse B cells or melanocytes caused high-penetrance lymphoma or melanoma, respectively. [Nat Med] Abstract
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Sex Steroids Regulate Skin Pigmentation through Nonclassical Membrane-Bound Receptors
The authors showed that physiologic estrogen and progesterone reciprocally regulate melanin synthesis. Utilizing both genetic and pharmacologic approaches, they established that sex steroid effects on human pigment synthesis are mediated by the membrane-bound, steroid hormone receptors G protein-coupled estrogen receptor, and progestin and adipoQ receptor 7. [eLife] Abstract | Download Full Article | Press Release

The Paracaspase MALT1 Mediates CARD14-Induced Signaling in Keratinocytes
Investigators report that in addition to NF-κB signaling, CARD14 activates p38 and JNK MAP kinase pathways, all of which are dependent on the paracaspase MALT1. [EMBO Rep]
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EdnrB Governs Regenerative Response of Melanocyte Stem Cells by Crosstalk with Wnt Signaling
Scientists demonstrated that the Edn/EdnrB signaling pathway can interact with other signaling pathways to elicit distinct stem cell functions during tissue regeneration. EdnrB signaling promoted proliferation and differentiation of melanocyte stem cells, dramatically enhancing the regeneration of hair and epidermal melanocytes. [Cell Rep] Full Article | Graphical Abstract | Press Release

Alkaline Ceramidase 1 Is Essential for Mammalian Skin Homeostasis and Regulating Whole Body Energy Expenditure
Researchers revealed the essential role of alkaline ceramidase 1 (Acer1) in the skin. They demonstrated that Acer1 is specifically expressed in differentiated interfollicular epidermis, infundibulum and sebaceous glands and consequently Acer1−/− mice have significant alterations in infundibulum and sebaceous gland architecture. Acer1−/− skin also showed perturbed hair follicle stem cell compartments. [J Pathol] Abstract

Activating Hair Follicle Stem Cells via R-Spondin2 to Stimulate Hair Growth
The authors showed that Wnt signaling is elevated during anagen, is reduced at the onset of catagen, and can be re-amplified in the skin and surrounding hair follicles via intradermal injection of recombinant R-Spondin2 protein. [J Invest Dermatol] Abstract

Paracrine Factors from Irradiated Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Improve Skin Regeneration and Angiogenesis in a Porcine Burn Model
Investigators hypothesized that topical application of the peripheral blood mononuclear cells secretome would improve the quality of regenerating skin, increase angiogenesis, and reduce scar formation after burn injury and skin grafting in a porcine model. [Sci Rep] Full Article


The Barrier Function of Organotypic Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Models
Researchers investigated the molecular basis for the impaired skin barrier function of organotypic non-melanoma skin cancer models. They unraveled disturbed epidermal differentiation by reflectance confocal microscopy and histopathological evaluation. [J Control Release] Abstract

Oncostatin M Overexpression Induces Skin Inflammation but Is Not Required in the Mouse Model of Imiquimod-Induced Psoriasis-Like Inflammation
The authors showed that oncostatin M potently regulates the expression of genes involved in skin inflammation and epidermal differentiation in murine primary keratinocytes. [Eur J Immunol] Abstract

TGF-β Induces SOX2 Expression in a Time-Dependent Manner in Human Melanoma Cells
Researchers observed high expression of sry-related high-mobility box (SOX)-2 in both human melanoma cell lines and primary melanomas in contrast to melanocytic nevi. This overexpression in melanoma can, in part, be explained by extra gene copy numbers of SOX2 in primary samples. [Pigment Cell Melanoma Res] Abstract

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From Melanocytes to Melanomas
The authors delineate several of the more common progression trajectories that occur in the patient setting and proposes models for tumor evolution that integrate genetic, histopathological, clinical and biological insights from the melanoma literature. [Nat Rev Cancer] Abstract

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Heat Biologics and OncoSec Present Data
Heat Biologics, Inc. announced that preclinical data from its collaboration with OncoSec Medical Incorporated focused on evaluating the combination of immunotherapy platforms were presented. [Press release from Heat Biologics, Inc. discussing research presented at the 2016 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting, New Orleans] Press Release

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Cipher Pharmaceuticals Acquires Worldwide Rights to Dalhousie University’s Investigational Tattoo Removal Cream
Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced it has licensed the worldwide rights to develop and commercialize an investigational tattoo removal cream being developed at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia by Alec Falkenham, a PhD student in the Department of Pathology at Dalhousie University. [Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc.] Press Release

Largest Independent U.S. Psoriasis Registry to Track Safety of New Biologic Treatment
The Corrona Psoriasis Registry announced it will track the drug safety reporting for ixekizumab, a new biologic medication by Eli Lilly and Company that was recently approved for the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. [The Corrona Psoriasis Registry (PR Newswire Association LLC.)] Press Release
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NEW Worldwide Innovative Networking in Personalized Cancer Medicine (WIN) 2016
June 27-28, 2016
Paris, France

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NEW Postdoctoral Positions – Immunology, Cancer, and Stem Cells (University of Connecticut)

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