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Dermal Cell News 2.08 March 7, 2016
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The Initiator Methionine tRNA Drives Secretion of Type II Collagen from Stromal Fibroblasts to Promote Tumor Growth and Angiogenesis
Investigators found that initiator methionine tRNA (tRNAiMet) expression is increased in carcinoma-associated fibroblasts, implicating deregulated expression of tRNAiMet in the tumor stroma as a possible contributor to tumor progression. [Curr Biol] Full Article
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A Hemidesmosomal Protein Regulates Actin Dynamics and Traction Forces in Motile Keratinocytes
Knockdown of either collagen XVII or actinin4 not only inhibited directed migration of keratinocytes but also relieved constraints on actin bundle retrograde movement at the site of lamella, such that actin bundle movement is enhanced more than five-fold. [FASEB J] Abstract

Enhanced Cutaneous Wound Healing In Vivo by Standardized Crude Extract of Poincianella pluviosa
The crude extract (CE) from bark of P. pluviosa was evaluated in the wound-healing process in vivo, to validate the traditional use and the in vitro activity. The effects of the CE on wound re-epithelialization; cell proliferation; permeation, using photoacoustic spectroscopy; and proteins, including vascular endothelial growth factor, superoxide dismutase 2 and cyclooxygenase 2 were evaluated. [PLoS One] Full Article

Multiscale Approach to Characterize Mechanical Properties of Tissue Engineered Skin
Tissue engineered skin usually consists of a multi-layered visco-elastic material composed of a fibrillar matrix and cells. The complete mechanical characterization of these tissues has not yet been accomplished. The purpose of this study was to develop a multiscale approach to perform this characterization in order to link the development process of a cultured skin to the mechanical properties. [Ann Biomed Eng] Abstract


Exceptional Antineoplastic Activity of a Dendritic-Cell-Targeted Vaccine Loaded with a Listeria Peptide Proposed against Metastatic Melanoma
Researchers proposed a dendritic cell-targeted vaccine loaded with a Listeria peptide with exceptional anti-tumor activity to prevent metastasis of melanoma. [Oncotarget] Full Article

Activation of hERG3 Channel Stimulates Autophagy and Promotes Cellular Senescence in Melanoma
Scientists have found that pharmacologic stimulation of the Kv11.3 channel with a small molecule activator, NS1643 induced autophagy via activation of an AMPK-dependent signaling pathway in melanoma cell line. [Oncotarget] Full Article

Inhibition of the STAT3 Signaling Pathway Contributes to Apigenin-Mediated Anti-Metastatic Effect in Melanoma
The authors showed that apigenin suppressed murine melanoma B16F10 cell lung metastasis in mice, and inhibited cell migration and invasion in human and murine melanoma cells. [Sci Rep] Full Article

Somatic Copy Number Amplification and Hyperactivating Somatic Mutations of EZH2 Correlate with DNA Methylation and Drive Epigenetic Silencing of Genes Involved in Tumor Suppression and Immune Responses in Melanoma
The authors used an integrated systems biology approach to analyze 471 cases of skin cutaneous melanoma in The Cancer Genome Atlas for mutations and amplifications of EZH2. They found that EZH2 activation by mutations, gene amplification and increased transcription occurred in about 20% of the cohort. [Neoplasia] Abstract | Press Release

MicroRNA-155 Is Dysregulated in the Skin of Patients with Vitiligo and Inhibits Melanogenesis-Associated Genes in Melanocytes and Keratinocytes
Of 12 studied microRNAs with proven functions in cell proliferation, differentiation, immune responses and melanogenesis, miR-99b, miR-125b, miR-155 and miR-199a-3p were found to be increased and miR-145 was found to be decreased in the skin of patients with vitiligo. [Acta Derm Venereol] Abstract

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End Points in Dermatologic Clinical Trials: A Review for Clinicians
The authors provide practical knowledge and critical evaluation of end points used in treatment approvals by the US Food and Drug Administration. The end points for actinic keratosis, acne vulgaris, atopic dermatitis, onychomycosis, and cutaneous ulcer serve as examples. [J Am Acad Dermatol] Abstract

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Researchers in the GW Department of Dermatology to Speak, Present Posters at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting
Clinicians and researchers from the George Washington University (GW) Department of Dermatology will present on a variety of topics including Nanotechnology, Atopic and Contact Dermatitis, Wound Healing, and Psoriasis. [Press release from George Washington University discussing research presented at the 74th American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), Washington, D.C.] Press Release

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Juno Therapeutics, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Announce New Immuno-oncology Clinical Trials Unit
Juno Therapeutics, Inc. and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center announced the creation of a new, best-in-class clinical trials unit dedicated to immuno-oncology. [Juno Therapeutics, Inc.] Press Release

La Jolla Institute Receives $5 Million Gift from Pfizer
La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology has received a $5 million gift, which will help establish the Mission Support for Cancer Immunology and Oncology Research. The Institute will use the majority of the funds to establish the Pfizer Endowed Chair in Cancer Immunology and Oncology and support research on the immune system and oncology. [La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology] Press Release
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NEW Gordon Research Conference – Notch Signaling in Development, Regeneration & Disease
July 31-August 5, 2016
Lewiston, United States

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NEW Faculty Position – Radiation Biology (Yale University)

NEW Research Technician – Tumor Initiation and Metastasis (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

Assistant Professor – Regenerative Medicine (Ming Wai Lau Center for Regenerative Medicine)

PhD Position – Stem Cells and Developmental Biology (Vienna Biocenter)

Postdoctoral Fellow – Molecular Regulation of Tissue Repair and Fibrosis (US Army Institute of Surgical Research)

Postdoctoral Position – Computational Biology of Inflammatory Skin Diseases (Helmholtz Association)

Faculty Position – Melanoma and Immunotherapy (Weill Cornell College of Medicine)

Postdoctoral Position – Immunology, Cancer, and Stem Cells (University of Connecticut)

Postdoctoral Scholar – Mechanisms of Metastatic Melanoma (Penn State College of Medicine)

Postdoctoral Research Scientist – Skin Wound Healing and Inflammation (Inserm)

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